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Preventing Youth Set Fires

The Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention (YFPI) program works closely with task force partner agencies to identify at-risk youth, interview them and their families, and determine the best combination of education and/or counseling to treat the youth.  There is no cost to refer a child or for a child to participate in the program.

The program consists of seven basic components:

  • Identification/referral

  • Intake/initial appointment

  • Assessment/screening interview

  • Review

  • Intervention/education

  • Evaluation

  • Follow-up

The educational component of the program includes up to 6 weekly educational classes that last approximately 1-1.5 hours each.  The classes are presented by certified members of the YFPI task force at the fire station.  The youth are instructed in correct fire safety procedures, the legal system and presentations from local professionals.  Homework assignments are given to reinforce the concepts presented during the classes.

Follow-up is established so that the youth and family understand that they are still supported by the YFPI program.  Task force agencies will follow up within the first 3 months and again between 6 to 12 months after the completion of the program.

If you have or know a child interested in fire play or exhibits fire setting behavior

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