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Ride Along Program

Bring a signed copy of the Confidentiality Agreement and Liability Waiver with you on the date of the Ride-Along

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The Program:

The ride-along program allows citizens to accompany the Ottawa Fire Department and to observe fire department activities.  The observer must act in a business and professional manner at all times during the ride-along.  Safety of non-firefighting personnel is our primary concern.  Ride-along participants will not handle or operate any firefighting equipment nor will they participate in activities on an incident scene.  The ride-along participant shall not interfere with the duties of the fire crews they are riding with, nor shall they converse with victims, suspects or witnesses.


Release & Waiver:

The fire chief or his designee may ask for a record check on any applicant for a ride-along.  The applicant may not be permitted to ride unless approval is granted.  A waiver must also be signed by the ride-along.  Parent or guardian approval must be given if the ride-along applicant is a minor.  A confidentiality agreement must also be signed.


The ride-along shall be appropriately dressed.  Slacks, jeans, and skirts, collared shirts and blouses, with closed toe shoes are acceptable. There shall be no holes in clothes, no logos or advertisements shall be displayed on clothing.  If dress is not acceptable, the ride-along will be cancelled for that person by the on-duty supervisor. 

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